Welcome to Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd!
Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd.


Welcome to Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology!

Study different mix ratio,for different crops Applying fertilizers in three steps, Haidai Biotech provides accurate crop nutrient solutions to increase crop yield and improve crop quality!

Study different mix ratiofor different crops

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Haidai BiotechTechnical Guidelines Main production problems and solutions for different crops

Let contrast test tell effect and efficiency Good product or not? You will know after use!

Expert on Crop Nutrition and Conservation


4strengths of Haidai Biotech make it a specialized brand in agriculture and forestry industries

Four Strengths ofHaidai Biotech

Brand Strength: 18 Years of Industry Experience

With 18 years of industry experience, focus on research and development, production and sales in the field of agriculture and forestry, and seek to become a modern comprehensive agriculture and forestry enterprise with high efficiency as its focus

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5Distribution Policies, help you stand out from homogeneous competition Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all staff and make contributions to the development of agriculture and forestry industry and social progress

Five Distribution Policieshelp you stand out from homogeneous competition

Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tailor-made scientifically imported products

Haidai Biotech scientifically develops nutrition solutions based on the climate, soil and local crops to provide the distribution partners with products that meet the needs of local users and effectively solve the user's problems, no need to worry about the sales volume of products!


Factory direct sales, higher profit margin

The sales representatives communicate directly with the distribution partners, and are able to follow up the whole process and provide professional services. Factory direct delivery, quality guarantee, more favorable price.

Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd.

Technical support Full nanny service

One-on-one technical services, providing on-site guidance on nutrition solutions and the use of technology in real time, relieving distribution partners of worries about lack of technology during marketing promotion. Technical supports are available through telephone, network and WeChat at any time!


Whole network marketing promotion Case support

Whole network marketing layout, sending use cases and related nutrition technologies to growers on a regular basis by telephone, WeChat, website, etc., building word of mouth with real use effect and providing you with publicity and promotion information!


Recommended by farmers to broaden distribution channels

Establish a nation customer information database with a professional network marketing team, provide distribution partners with information of local growers and customer sources, and recommend growers to trade with distribution partners, thus contributing to broadening distribution channels and realizing win-win cooperation!

Five Distribution Policies help you stand out from homogeneous competition


One-stop manufacturing service provider

One of the key protected enterprises in ShandongA service provider preferred by a variety of agricultural material brands

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Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd. Concern about plant nutrient, focus on green agriculture and forestry


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Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd.

About Us

Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Haidailvzhou Biology Engineering

Shandong Haidai Lvzhou Biology Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in December 2003, with its subsidiary of Qingdao Haibang Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Amino acid test report
  • AAA credit rating certificate
  • Safety production standardization certificate
  • Quality certification
  • Microbial agent - bottled test package
  • BEI LE YUAN Trademark
    BEI LE YUAN Trademark
  • Adosin Trademark
    Adosin Trademark
  • BEI LE KANG Trademark
    BEI LE KANG Trademark
  • Environmental management system certificate
    Environmental management sys
  • Senle Trademark
    Senle Trademark
  • QIAOWO Trademark
    QIAOWO Trademark
  • JUNLINDADI Trademark
    JUNLINDADI Trademark
  • Record registration form for foreign trade operators
    Record registration form for
  • Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    Certificate of Occupational
  • Business License
    Business License
  • XIMEILE Trademark
    XIMEILE Trademark
  • WOHAI Trademark
    WOHAI Trademark
  • Quality certification
    Quality certification
  • Water-soluble fertilizer
    Water-soluble fertilizer
  • Medium element - powder test certificate
    Medium element - powder test

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